Patient Portal

Western Connecticut Health Network has implemented Cerner, a new electronic health record, billing and scheduling system to better serve our patients. All of our hospitals (Danbury, New Milford, Norwalk), WCMG offices now operate on a single platform.

The new integrated system provides a single repository of patient information and supports our goal of improving your experience with our clinicians. It also gives you access to a new and enhanced patient portal called be well.

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Under Connecticut State Statute Section 20-7c, Western Connecticut Medical Group will provide every patient, who requests so, a copy of their medical records (health information).

To request a copy of your Western Connecticut Medical Group medical record you must authorize the release by using the Western Connecticut Medical Group authorization for record release; or any Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) approved release form. For your convenience, you can download our Authorization Record Release Form as a PDF document.

A patient can specifically request certain or all health information to be copied, sent, or retrieved from any of the Western Connecticut Medical Group offices from which you received services. All HIPAA-approved forms must be signed by the patient, legal guardian, or authorized person, such as Power of Attorney with accompanying documentation.

Determined on the amount of information you need copied and/or the time frame of services, the processing of your request may take up to five to ten business days before they are received in the mail or retrieved in person. Please note that there may be a fee associated with your request.

The HIPAA-approved forms, such as the Western Connecticut Medical Group authorization, do explain the limits for Western Connecticut Medical Group to release the information beyond a certain date and/or to other entities not listed by you, the patient.

Specific inquiries for radiologic copies may take longer than stated above. All questions related to your requests should be directed to the respective Western Connecticut Medical Group office manager or coordinator.

If you are a family member, executor, or administrator requesting a copy of a deceased patient's records, please note that  needs to accompany the Release of Information form.